The Trustees of the Goat Walk Land decided that the land should remain open during the Covid-19 restrictions in 2020 to allow the land to be used for exercise. While those restriction have now been cancelled, we do, however, ask that those using the land be mindful that while infection rates remain high many users continue to follow social distancing guidance.

We are beginning to restart volunteer working parties on the Land, which were suspended during Covid-19 restrictions. The Management Committee will be organising these during the year.

Access for Dogs

Following the Exhibition in Matthews Hall in 2016, where there was strong support for creating a dog-free area for children and families, the Trustees consulted other community land organisations and concluded that children (especially from the local schools) would not use the land if there was any danger of contamination from dog waste. The Trustees therefore decided that they had to divide the land and exclude dogs from part of it. This has been achieved by extending the hedge between the two fields and adding gates.  The dogs are free to run around in the upper field but not in the lower one or copse.  We had to include the copse because it is hoped that the children will play there (there are already materials for dens etc) and it is not feasible to separate it from the lower field. 



Our membership is open to all who want to support the work of the Trust in our management and improvement of the Goat Walk Land. The membeship subscription (currently £10 annually) is intended to cover our ongoing annual costs of insurance, mowing and other maintenance. As membership confers voting rights at our AGMs membership has to be individual we are not able to offer joint memberships. Members also receive newsletters of our activities and progress on the the Land by email two or three times a year.

Please click to view and download the ON-LINE MEMBERSHIP FORM.

Woodland in the Goat Walk Land Trust