Much of the work carried out by the Trust in the first years of our ownership of the land has been to improve access, and to encourage use of the land.

One of our first jobs was to block the hazardous climb up the bank that many were using to enter the land from Bowling Green Road at the RSPB hide end of the land, and to clear away the hedge  exposing an existing gate a few metres away, creating a much safer entrance beside it.

Sadly, the Trust decided it had to take the decision to lock the entrance to the Land from the Goat Walk. The foot traffic through the copse was damaging the cyclamen, which are such a special feature of the Land in the autumn, seen from the Goat Walk. The copse can still be accessed from the other entrances to the Land. Another factor in our decision was the low lintle on the gate, which has proved to be a hazard. Any modifications are difficult as the wall is grade II listed. 


County Ground Maintenance installed fencing and gates between the two fields, allowing the upper field to be available for use by dogs and their owners, while keeping the lower field and copse dog free.

CGM also laid a hard path in the lower field, which runs from Bowling Green Road, across the back of the copse by the Goat Walk and into the lower field. The path is designed to give access to the Land to those in wheelchairs and those with young children in buggies.

Benches, made from local oak, have been installed in both fields to encourage users of the Land to sit and enjoy it.
More recently we have made improvements to the access from Bowling Green Road to the Upper Field by the scrape, and erected a noticeboard at the entrance near the Goat Walk, where we can display current newsletters and other information.